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It's a Canin Sorta Thing pg 13 part2

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Feb. 15th, 2011 | 07:52 am
mood: chipperchipper

Title: It’s a Canine Sorta Thing
Disney Prompt: The Shaggy Dog
Author: Dolavine
Word count: 10,431
Rating: Pg-13

The sound of the TV masks the sound of Jared on the porch so when the doorbell rings, Chad is startled awake. He stumbles to the door and opens it to find a half naked Jared in a white bath towel standing at his front door. He smiles widely. “Christ, Padalecki, I knew you’d come crawling back again one day but this.” He moves his hand up and down emphasizing the image. “I never thought you’d show up half naked in only a bath towel on my porch at the crack of dawn sporting wood.”

“In your dreams Murray.” He moves his hand nervously over the front of his groin to cover his obvious hard on. “You still have my spare house key, I need it.”

“Somewhere, why don’t you come inside?” He opens the screen door leering at Jared’s naked torso.

“Just get me the key.” Jared rolls his eyes in disgust at the obvious come on with the invite inside.

“Have it your way but that looks painfully hard to me.” Disappearing inside for about five minutes before appearing again with the gold key on a silver key chain, he holds it out victorious. “Found it in my condom drawer, Ya know, so when I would get the hankering to visit you in the middle of the night I wouldn’t forget to bring protection.” He winks at Jared as he places the key in his outstretched palm.

Groaning and rolling his eyes Jared thanks Chad for the key and starts to leave.

“Gonna bring it back tomorrow then?” Chad asks hopefully. Jared only grunts at him before he pads barefoot back across the street.

The hot shower has never felt so good running down his back as it feels right now. His muscles ache and his bones actually hurt. The hot water runs over his bite which is now almost completely healed in just one day and he examines it remembering how it occurred.

The hot water beats down on his thighs as he leans back against the shower wall and it reminds him of the warmth of Jensen’s thigh on his back as he lay curled up tight to his body. Their breathing in sync as he listened to him sleep, the feel of his hand on his head aimlessly scratching from time to time and Jared’s heart skips a few beats at the memories.

Lying across his bed, his wet naked body sprawled out over his crumpled up bedspread his mind drifts in and out of sleep with visions of dogs baring their teeth at him, long black snouts frothing and barking as the alarm jolts him fully awake.

Walking out of his garage door Jared pushes the alarm button on his car and it beeps catching the attention of Jensen who is also leaving for work at the same time.

He waves trying to get Jared’s attention but it doesn’t work so he walks over to the edge of the driveway and calls out to him. “Howdy neighbor.”

Jared turns and smiles at him, his mind going straight to the memory of the heat of Jensen’s thighs as he snuggled in close to them, the way his hands felt rubbing his belly and scratching behind his ears, before he answers. “Hey.” He walks over to the patch of grass that divides their driveways. It feels like he’s seeing Jensen for the first time, the first time he is actually talking to him face to face and Jensen is aware it’s actually him this time.

Jensen watches as Jared walks towards him, he takes notice of the fact that his blue uniform is snug to his huge frame, the way his shorts are just a bit too short above his knees, a little more than other mailmen’s uniform shorts and just how handsome he is. He extends his hand over the patch of grass. “Hi, I’m.”

Jared cuts him off. “Jensen Ackles, I know, I deliver your mail.” He says taking his hand and grasping it firmly making note of those hands again and the light smattering of freckles gleaming in the morning sun.

“Uh, yeah.” Jensen says smiling. Noticing how large Jared’s hands are.

“I’m Jared Padalecki,” He says with a wide grin as he lets his hand linger just a little longer than he should with their grip. “Nice to finally meet you without your mower or weed eater.” He laughs.

Letting go of Jared’s hand he shoves his hands inside his pants pockets trying to save the warmth from Jared’s hand before he clears his throat and asks, “Do you have a dog.?”

“Umm, no,” A surprised look flashing across Jared’s face as he tries to hide the way his voice cracks on the next word. “Why?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was yours or you were dog sitting. The neighbor over there saw me in your yard and came over and told me you didn’t have any pets, but there was this shaggy dog in your yard. I figure it got in somehow while you were out yesterday, I took him home last night and this morning he was gone. I just thought maybe he got out last night and went back to your place.”

Jared holds his mouth in a tight line as his cheeks flush. “Nope, no dogs over here.” He gives a quiet embarrassed laugh.

“Well, alright then, I guess he went back home.” He looks at his watch. “I better get to work if I want to keep my job.” Jensen extends his hand again and when Jared takes it and squeezes it, he feels his heart start to flutter, just the tiniest skip and he swallows watching their hands in the tight embrace.

“I guess so, I mean about the dog that is. Nice to finally meet you,” Jared says feeling his stomach do funny flips as his cock starts to fill from the warmth of Jensen’s hand and he can feel those oh so green eyes moving over his body.

“See ya,” Jensen says hurrying to his car. He takes several long breaths as he watches Jared fit that long tight body into his car. He wonders if he’s single or more to the point gay. He rubs a hand over his brow damp with sweat and palms his crotch because his dick took attention to Jared’s warm skin as he squeezed his hand tight as they shook hands.

As he climbs into his car Jared’s heart is racing, his palms are sweating and he feels funny almost like the other day when the strange metamorphosis happened. He needs to calm down, he can’t change here, and he can’t change now. He takes deep breaths trying to calm himself down until finally the feeling passes. He watches Jensen pull out of his driveway exchanging waves with him before starting the car and leaving for work.

His mind isn’t on his work today; he’s busy thinking about how or why he turned into a dog. He wonders why or when it will happen again and what triggers it. He thinks about what he was doing when it happened to him. Standing at the window watching Jensen weed whack his lawn in that sweaty tight outfit and getting very excited about it. He stops and thinks about this morning after talking with Jensen, the half hard on he got from shaking his hand and then the insane feeling surging through his body. It hits him like a bullet to the chest. “I turn into a dog whenever I get horny,” He says it out loud without thinking as he hands a woman standing by her gate her mail. She gives him a strange look and closes her gate hurrying away.

Sitting in his truck he stares at the mail in his hand thinking about the fact that if he turns into a dog whenever he gets sexually excited how is he ever going to get laid by a human? He worries about the rest of his life as a celibate man just so he won’t turn into a dog again and frowns.

Two more houses and this exhausting day comes to a close. He walks up the walkway to the porch of the house where he was bitten almost two days ago. He cautiously opens the mail slot with the envelopes and drops them in when the door opens up. He steps back with caution reaching for his until now unused can of mace. His hand is unsteady as he fumbles for it keeping his guard up ready for an attack.

A slender woman steps out of the darkness, her skin a pale white, her eyes two different shades, one blue one brown, she acts timid as she prepares to speak. “Are you the mailman that was here on Saturday?” The quietness of her voice takes Jared by surprise.

“Yes.” He watches her bite at her unclipped fingernails.

She pulls her hand away from her mouth and avoids eye contact as she speaks, “Did a dog bite you?” Her eyes shift back and forth from the floor to his face with shame.

Watching her demeanor as she questions him Jared isn’t sure what is going on. “Yeah, when I put the mail in a dog nipped my finger.” He holds the finger up for her to see the healing wound.

“I’m so sorry, would you please come in.” She opens the door wide to usher him inside, her timid features are showing her embarrassment.

“Uh. I guess.” He says cautiously looking into the darkened room just inside the door for the dog.

“You don’t have to worry; it’s not here right now.” She says stepping inside the doorway looking back for Jared to follow her in.

Stepping inside the doorway into the tiny dark foyer Jared feels apprehensive about the whole thing. He follows her into the kitchen where she offers him a seat before pouring coffee from an old fashioned percolator pot into two waiting cups. “Please have a seat; I think we need to talk,” she says as she takes a seat.

Taking his chair and sitting down he watches her sip her coffee before straightening up and clearing her throat. “Have you been feeling strange in the past few days?” She sounds like a doctor who is about to tell you the results of some tests she took.

“What do you mean by strange?” Jared shifts in his seat.

“Have you been feeling overheated or forgetting things?” She drinks from her cup again never changing her expression but staring straight at Jared who is obviously very uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

“I have been experiencing some abnormal behavior the last few days.” He swallows hard as he starts to understand what she is talking about.

Taking a deep breath and gathering her courage she blurts out, “Have you turned into a dog yet?” there is no ceremony and no beating around the bush just a straight forward no holds barred cut the bullshit question.

Shocked by the question Jared spits his coffee across the table with a mighty cough. He stammers and sputters like an embarrassed teenager caught doing something naughty. “Uhh, Ummm, a dog?”

Again without breaking a smile or her gaze she just says it. “Yes a dog.” She continues to stare him down with that soft pleasant inquisitive look.

“I umm.” He continues to stammer, unable to answer her with a direct Yes I have, and why am I turning into a dog? Like he really, really wants too but fear is keeping him from doing so.

“I am going to take that as a yes.” She sighs deeply and averts her gaze down to her own hands as she works a small piece of paper between her fingers. “I always feared this would happen.” She says quietly with a very sad sound to her voice. “I have lived in seclusion for years because I didn’t want this to happen. I didn’t want to infect anyone else with my, illness.” Her hands shake as she says it. “It was me, I bit you,” her eyes are full of tears as she pushes away from the table and stands up.

In total shock Jared walks up behind her, “How? I mean, why can you become a dog?”

“It’s a curse you see, a curse that was put on my family long before I was born and we hand it down to every generation born of the bloodline. I was the only child born of my Mother who was the last descendant of the bloodline until I was born. I was determined to not pass it on so I had a hysterectomy, which is how I discovered that I could pass it on through a bite to another person. I infected my husband with a bite when I was transformed.” Tears are rolling down her cheeks now as she finishes her story. “He went mad with the infection that the curse causes. I went to every gypsy woman I could find for help to reverse what I had done to him but there was no cure for him since he had already gone mad, I had to kill him to save him.” She clutches the counter as she sobs uncontrollably from the memory. “That is why I now live confined to my home never having anyone inside for fear of my transformation.”

Jared lays his hand on her to soothe her but she pulls away. “You mentioned a cure but it was too late for him, is there a cure for it?” he asks his voice trembling at the thought of losing his sanity to the infection.

“Yes but you only have a few days window to reverse it. If you can get it within the first 72hours you can be saved, after that it’s too late and you can never be changed back.”

“You have to give me the cure, you have to save me,” He says frantically clutching her shoulders and turning her around.

She hands him the crumpled up piece of paper in her hand. “This is the recipe for the cure; you must follow the instructions exactly for it to work.”

“I will, I will.” He opens the paper and reads the list of ingredients.

A lock of your hair
1 sprig of thyme
a handful of dirt
Saliva from the dog that bit you
Blend and heat in a cup of red wine. Spread over the bite wound before it is completely healed. Go to sleep and wake up the next day and the wound should be gone breaking the curse.

He takes what she is offering him as she hands him a small jar with a tiny amount of liquid in it.

“It’s my Saliva.”

He looks at it and grimaces. “Thanks.”

Back at home he sits at the table reading the recipe over and over again, wondering if it could really work, if it could help him.

He walks into the kitchen and lays the recipe on the table, retrieves the kitchen shears from the drawer and cuts off a lock of his hair. He then searches the cabinets for some thyme but he apparently has none. Disheartened he stares out of the kitchen window, he looks over at Chad’s and thinks about asking if he has any but then he figures he might have a better chance with Jensen since he cooks his own meals.

He’s knocking on Jensen’s font door before he realizes it, his hands are shaking and his mouth goes dry as he waits for him to answer.

The door opens and Jensen is standing there in nothing but a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, a thin sheen of water coating his body, and wet tousled hair. Jared’s mouth goes even drier making him barely able to speak, his tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth so that when he does manage to make a noise, it’s more of a grunt than any audible word needing to convey what he wants to say.

“Hey, Jared,” Jensen says cheerfully suddenly realizing he’s half naked and he crosses his arms over his chest to hide his quickly stiffening nipples from the air rushing over them.

“Uhhh, Je…n…sen.” He draws it out as if learning to say it for the first time. He swallows hard his tongue thick and fat in his mouth.

“Jared.” He mimics his tone. “So what’s up?”

“I..um.. need you.” His eyes go wide when he realizes what he’s said.

A wide smile shows all of Jensen’s teeth as he looks Jared in the eyes. “Really?”

“Well, not need you, want you, or I mean.” He’s exasperated and very embarrassed by this point. He feels his skin getting prickly, his face flushes and his heart begins to race. “Oh holy fuck!” he blurts out.

“Well, I’ve never been holy fucked before.” Jensen starts to retort. “But I am game for anything.”

Jared’s hands are sweating and he rubs them on his slacks. “I have to go.” He says as he runs off of Jensen’s porch.

Watching with confused wonder he waves at Jared as he runs away. “Nice seeing you again,” He calls out.

Back in his kitchen Jared feels himself start to make the change again, he hears and feels his bones cracking and he pulls his clothes off noticing that his nails are growing into claws. He doubles over falling to the floor on his hands and knees, the feeling in the pit of his stomach like he has just been punched hard in the gut.

The feeling subsides and he’s changed, his skin replaced with shaggy fur and he rushes upstairs to look at himself in the hall mirror finding not his face but the reoccurrence of the shaggy mutt staring back at him. “Oh Shit,” he thinks as he stares at himself. “How am I ever going to break the curse now?” He lays down exasperated and a bit spirit broken, he’d cry if he could but all he can do is whimper.

Now dressed and dried off Jensen is standing in front of Jared’s open front door, staring inside as he knocks on the screen door. He calls inside when Jared doesn’t appear at the door after several knocks. “Hello? Jared, it’s Jensen.” He opens the door and sticks his head inside. “Jared, its Jensen.” He steps inside and looks around, from upstairs he hears the sound of a dog whimpering.

He walks up the stairs cautiously, when he reaches the top of the stairs he sees the Shaggy dog lying on the floor in front of the hall mirror. “Hey boy.” He calls out to it. The dog’s ears perk up; he looks towards the voice and sees its Jensen.

Jared’s heart speeds up, he jumps up frantic and runs over to Jensen. Jensen leans down and takes his face in his hands. “Hey boy, what are you doing back here?” He rubs the dog’s chops as it lunges forward and licks his face, they fall backwards, Jensen laughing and the dog panting excitedly.

They wrestle on the floor for a bit and then Jared wonders in his little doggie slash human brain how bad it would actually be to be like this with Jensen forever if he can’t break the curse.

Lying breathless and tired from wrestling Jensen rubs the dogs belly looking into its eyes. “How do you keep getting into Jared’s house when he’s not home?” He rubs the dog’s ears. “I guess you know a good thing when you find it huh.”

Jared’s ears perk up and he listens closer leaning half way up to look back at Jensen. “Good thing? How would he know if I was a good thing or not?”

“Yeah, he’s quite a cutie isn’t he?” Jensen’s eyes wonder off to the open bedroom door with the unmade bed. “humm his bedroom.” He gets up and walks inside.

Jared follows him. ”Oh God, No, don’t go in there please don’t go in there!” he tries to beg with small urgent barks but Jensen pays him no mind as he sits on the edge of the bed and smoothes his hand over the pillow with the head indention in it before he leans in and smells it. “God he even smells good Shaggy, no wonder you are drawn to him.” He stands up and walks over to the window and looks out seeing his own back yard.

”Oh God not the Window.” Jared jumps up on the chair next to the window and nudges Jensen’s hand.

“You have to go out boy?” He heads out of the room then turns and looks back inside with the dog following him. “Yep Shaggy I have to get to know this guy better.”

He’s standing in the back yard with shaggy waiting for him to do his business and he thinks about how strange Jared had been acting with him at his front door and how he was so nervous, it’s like a lightening bolt when he realized Jared was trying to ask him out.

“That dog back again?” a voice calls from over the fence.

Jensen looks over and sees Chad standing there. “Yeah, if Jared doesn’t like dogs he sure keeps letting them in his house when he’s not home.”

“Padalecki and dogs, not really something I can envision. Ya know, come to think of it, all the time we were together he never seemed to want a pet.”

Jensen looks at him with narrowed eyes realizing that Chad is trying to throw him hints that he and Jared were an item but he brushes it off and just moves on. “Well no matter, the dog seems to love him.”

Jared knows that Chad is trying to give Jensen the Chad Murray want to get you into bed charm school rush. He feels a dull ache in his belly, a burning need to bite down hard on Chad’s flesh and before he knows it he’s rushing over to the fence barking in a very territorial manner. He lunges at the fence growling, snarling and almost frothing at the mouth. Pouncing on the white wood going face to face with Chad he stares him down, his hazel eyes glowing with anger and territorial claiming and when Chad tries to make nice by petting him on the head he nips the skin of Chad’s fingers.

Chad pulls back, a tiny drop of blood dripping from the tiny wound. “Fucking Dog, I should call Misha and have him pick you up.” He snarls at the dog as Jared growls back at him. Yeah you do that Chad, call Misha and have me taken to the pound and when I get out, there will be more than the newspaper on your doorstep in the morning.

Pulling on the dog’s fur at the back of his neck Jensen reels him back in. “Hey, Shaggy back off.” He says in a very stern commanding voice.

Jared looks back at him and gives a submissive but yet mildly back talking bawrf. Jensen you don’t understand, Chad’s a dawg, he wants to fuck you because you’re a new neighbor, he fucks all of the new neighbors, makes you feel special and then you find out so is every other guy in a five block radius. Don’t fall for it. If Jared had the use of his human speech he would so be outing Chad for the douche he truly is.

“Well you better go take care of that bite Chad, I’m gonna take care of Shaggy here and head back over home.”

“Yeah better take care of that mutt before Padalecki gets home, he’ll take care of you,” Chad says making a mean face at Jared while nursing his bleeding wrist, before turning to leave.

“See ya later.” Jensen leads Jared back into the house, gets him a bowl of water and a left over steak from the fridge before leaving for home.

Lying across his soft bed Jared thinks about what Jensen said about getting to know him better, about how he smelled his pillow and made reference to him smelling good. If he had the capacity to actually smile from ear to ear he would, but instead he just sighs deep and closes his eyes.

The warm sun hits Jared in the face and he stretches falling off of the edge of the bed. His naked body thudding hard against the floor and he realizes he’s not a dog anymore. He quickly calls off work claiming to be sick, which he is, well kind of, with a curse and all because he has to get the Thyme and make this elixir to break this damned curse.

He sees Jensen’s car in the driveway and figures he will try him for some thyme again when a knock comes at his door. He grabs his robe and sprints down to answer the door.

Nervously Jensen bounces on the balls of his feet as he waits for Jared to answer, he plays out the conversation in his head over and over. Hey Jared, now before you say anything I get what you wanted yesterday, I like you too and want to go out with you. What do you say to dinner tonight, my place about 6:00?

Throwing the door open Jared stops dead in his tracks when he sees Jensen standing there, bright eyes and a huge smile on his face. “Jensen?” it comes out as a question and he quickly clears his throat.

“Hey Jared.” His voice wavers a little bit and he tries hard not to show how nervous he actually is, especially now with Jared standing there in his robe, his bare chest peeking out from under the silky black fabric. “Now before you say anything I know what you wanted yesterday when you came over.”

Jared looks quixotically at him and tilts his head. “Uh..” escapes his lips.

“Now before you finish let me finish. What do you say about dinner at my place tonight around 6:00?” He realizes the entire meat of his proposal just disappears as he cuts to the date before telling him he’s actually attracted to him.

“Well, yesterday, I..Uh, I needed Thyme.” Jared blurts out in a strange half sentence, confusing and fragmented.

Not being exactly sure what Jensen thought would come out of his mouth he thinks maybe his delivery was not all it should have been. “Okay, I get that, we just met, you need time to think about it and maybe get to know me.”

“No I need Thyme.” Jared repeats.

“Okay you can have all the time you need, take as much as you need, I’ll wait.” Jensen says backing up to the edge of the porch preparing to leave.

“No, no, T H Y M E, thyme, you know the herb.” He makes hand gestures like he’s cooking food.

Jensen laughs with relief. “Oh herbs, why didn’t you just ask me for herbs, I would have given them to you.” He laughs even harder.

“Well, see, yes I needed herbs but I do like you and I would so do dinner tonight but I have this other pressing thing I need to get done and it’s really, really important.” He sighs at the end of the sentence.

“I get it, not a problem. Do you still need the thyme?”

“Uh, yes please, if you have one sprig I would so love it. It’s the only ingredient I don’t have for my mixture.” He makes a pleading face.

“I’ll be right back.” Jensen runs over and returns just as quickly with a jar of thyme.

“Thanks.” Jared takes the jar and thinks about inviting him in but the sooner he finishes this cure the faster he can get on with getting to know Jensen. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jensen frowns slightly as he nods his head agreeing and watches Jared close the door. “See ya,” he says softly as the latch clicks into place.

Dropping one sprig of thyme into the bowl beside his lock of hair he reads his next item on the list. a handful of dirt.

He’s pouring himself a cup of coffee when he sees Jared rushing out of his back door with a garden spade in hand. He continues to watch him out of his kitchen window. Intrigued with what Jared’s doing he watches with amazement as Jared walks in circles around his yard until as if finding the perfect spot he kneels down and starts to dig in the dirt. He then takes a handful of the loose soil and heads back into the house. Jensen just takes a sip of his coffee and shakes his head.

Throwing the dirt in the bowl Jared knows the last thing to add is the saliva. He opens the lid with a disgusted scowl on his face and pours it into the bowl. He stirs it around with an old spoon before opening up the fridge and getting out the bottle of red wine and adding a cup to the grotesque mixture. He then transfers it to a pan and heats it to a simmer. He watches the purple mixture thicken and turn to a red sludge, the smell too horrific to describe and he winces at the thought of putting it on his body.

He can only describe the smell as that of really bad dog breath and the feeling is slimy with a hint of grit, as much as he wants cured he’s still very squeamish about the mixture as he dips his finger in deeper. The thick liquid encasing his skin like bog water and to make the gross factor even worse, he actually swirls it around before pulling it out. He looks at the maroon jelly like substance thickening even more in the air and quickly wraps it in a bandage.

The final step is to go to bed and get an uninterrupted sleep for the first time in days and he is so ready for that.

He putts around all day just waiting for bed time. He tries to read but the excitement has him too keyed up. He makes himself dinner and finds he likes his steak much more rare than normal but finds it amazingly delicious. His wound is itchy and he has to fight the urge to relieve it. The day feels too long and daytime television sucks so he ends up feeling sexually frustrated from boredom and not able to do a damned thing about it.

Finally the day ends and he’s Changing into his pajamas when he looks out the window only to see for the first time in all the months that Jensen has lived right next to him, in all the times he has spied on Jensen while masturbating to his perfect body doing his weekend chores and he never noticed that his bedroom was directly across from his own.

He watches Jensen strip down in front of the unshielded window, curtains drawn farther apart than he has ever noticed before giving his eyes complete access to everything including the open bathroom door on the other side of the room.

Swallowing hard he tries to resist the urge to peep over at Jensen. He tries so hard not to watch Jensen as he takes off his tight t-shirt exposing that expanse of hard flesh that stretches over his back muscles, the strong chest and sexy narrow waist ending with deep cut hips jutting out over the top of his pajama bottoms waistband.

His hands are shaking and his heart is racing as he watches the marvelous spectacle revealing itself in front of him. His mouth is going dry and he feels that oh so now familiar tingle up his spine. He knows if he doesn’t control himself that in a matter of seconds he is going to change into the very thing he is fighting to cure himself of and he doesn’t want to blow this chance to break the curse. He looks at his white bandaged finger with the maroon ooze peaking out, sighs and pulls the blind down before climbing under the cool sheets of his bed. He rustles the comforter and fur flies everywhere making him cough with the amount of dog hair that wafts up in his face with the shake of the comforter.

Jensen sees Jared from his spare room window, he sees Jared looking over at him as he changes his clothes and it’s very voyeuristically enticing. He thinks he should undress in this room more often, just to give him a taste of what he can have if he is willing to take it. He strips his t-shirt off making sure to flex his back muscles before turning around and letting his pajama bottoms drop down off of his hips giving him the full view. He struts toward the bathroom feeling Jared’s eyes on him but when he comes back out Jared has drawn the blind and Jensen frowns letting out a huge sigh before heading out of the room to his own bedroom.

When Jared finally wakes up it’s to the sound of his cell phone ringing, the sun’s so bright in the room that it blinds him when he opens his eyes. “Hello?” He says sleepily.

“Hey Jay when are you coming back to work, it’s been 3 days and you are gonna need a doctors excuse if you’re off tomorrow too.”

“What?” His voice is groggy and very incoherently slurred.

“Buddy you sound awful better go see the doctor today and get you some antibiotics.”

“Yeah, doctor, today, will do.” He hangs up the phone and checks the date on his phone. His eyes go wide when he discovers he’s been asleep for two days. He jumps out of bed and scrambles to the bathroom ripping the bandage off his finger and looking for the bite wound. It’s gone and there is absolutely no trace of it, also the maroon goo is now just a white dried paste sticking to the bandage with the sweet smell of thyme permeating from it.

There is only one thing on his mind at this point and it’s seeing Jensen, right now.

He throws on his pajama bottoms as he’s rushing out of the house totally forgetting his t-shirt and shoes in his hurry that is until, he steps on some loose gravel in Jensen’s drive way.

He rushes up the driveway hopping on one foot then up the steps. He composes himself and then very unceremoniously beats on Jensen’s door waking him from a sound sleep.

Stumbling down the stairs Jensen sees Jared’s head through the window in the door and he hurries a little faster. When he opens the door he is greeted with a half naked Jared standing in just his pajama bottoms, stubble on his face and mussed up bed hair, he thinks about how he has never looked more appealing.

“What’s up Jared?” he asks voice still thick with sleep.

“I needed to tell you this right now. I really, really, really like you. Really you are all I have been thinking about now for weeks. I’ve been wanting to ask you out but wasn’t sure if you were interested or not but now that I know, do you wanna go out with me?” He’s breathless from the excitement thrumming through his body but he doesn’t feel like he’s going to change into anything less human and more canine.

Giving Jared a silly smile of joy and surprise Jensen steps out on the porch. “I’ve been attracted to you too. I have to thank that shaggy dog for bringing you to my attention. By the way where is he?”

Jared smiles shyly at Jensen. “Oh, he was a friend’s dog; he picked him up the other day. He kept running off and made a total nuisance of himself. Sorry if he caused you any trouble.”

“Oh that’s a shame he was so cute, I would really love to have a dog like that.”

“Oh he was a real handful; you wouldn’t be so impressed after a few days.” Jared smiles and pulls Jensen close.

“What’s this?” Jensen says coyly.

“This is me taking what I want.” Jared leans down and kisses Jensen on the mouth with a soft tender kiss.

“Mmmm.. now that’s a nice way to be woken up in the morning.” And he kisses Jared back pulling him in tight.

Suddenly the sounds of barking come from Chad’s house and a huge shaggy sheep dog bursts out of the doorway running around and barking frantically. It runs up the street at a frantic pace.

Jensen looks over at it surprised. “I thought.. I mean… what?”

Jared rolls his eyes and makes a loud sighing noise. “Oh, not again.”

They both take off in a fast pace up the street after the dog……….

The End

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from: princesslanie
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omg this was soooooooooo cute. thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much.. I am so glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

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from: dolnmoon
date: Feb. 17th, 2011 01:00 am (UTC)

Thank you so much, glad you like it.

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from: skagtrendy1
date: Feb. 16th, 2011 09:52 pm (UTC)

Simply adorable, my darling. Thank you so much for sharing this with us - it's really made my day.

Would very much welcome a sequel if you ever feel the urge.

Love and hugs,
ST xxx

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from: dolnmoon
date: Feb. 17th, 2011 01:02 am (UTC)

Thank you so much for the lovely comment, so glad you liked it and happy to have made your day with it.

I don't know if there will be a sequel but you never know what is in the cards later on.


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from: lexantares
date: Feb. 18th, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)

omg that was soo funny, a sequel please???
Nice job, keep going =)

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from: dolnmoon
date: Feb. 19th, 2011 12:09 am (UTC)

Thank you so much and thanks for reading.

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from: j2disney_mod
date: Feb. 20th, 2011 02:28 am (UTC)

SO ADORABLE! I love your humor throughout this. I laughed so hard at, “Well, I’ve never been holy fucked before.” Jensen starts to retort. “But I am game for anything.” Seriously, this entire story is so charming. Such a fun, feel-good read!

Thank you so much for your awesome contribution to the challenge!!! ♥

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from: dolnmoon
date: Feb. 22nd, 2011 05:07 am (UTC)

Thank you so much. I am so glad you liked it and found the charm in it. You make me blush. =)

Thanks again and hugs

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Michi (Misha) Akki

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from: samdeanislove
date: Feb. 26th, 2011 08:38 pm (UTC)

This was amazing. Super adorable really. I was making awkward squealing noises while reading it. It was hilarious too. I'm still laughing at the awesome moments in the story. Good job~

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from: dolnmoon
date: Feb. 27th, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)

I am so glad that you found such enjoyment in this story. Thank you so much for reading it.

I love it when I find something that makes me do the squealing or giddy giggling while I am reading it. =)

Thank you so much for the lovely comment and so glad you enjoyed it.

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